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Misc Games AS
Based in Stavanger, Norway


Release date:

22 March, 2014




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One day Risse's mother was going to make her famous nut-cake. She asked Risse if he could go down to the nut cellar and bring her back some nuts they had stored up for winter. Risse did as his mum said and went down to the nut cellar to get some nuts. When he opened the cellar door he found to his surprise that all of their nuts had gone missing. Risse immediately started to look for the thief and he did not have to look very hard either. Outside the cellar he could see tracks in the snow... squirrel tracks. Risse decided to get the nuts back, so he built himself a snow cannon. He could use the cannon on the squirrel's to get their nuts back. Risse will get more snowballs if he manages to shoot Bob the rooster, especially if he hits his head. Don't forget to shoot at the diamonds and coins either as they will give you extra points and bonuses. Have fun and go NUTS !!!



This game was previous a flash game made by our programmer Jan Erik Olausen, and in this mobile version we did alot of modifications to make this game even more fun.



  • 10 Levels

  • Global highscore

  • Singleplayer



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About Misc Games AS

Misc Games is a game developer based in Stavanger, Norway. We aims at developing unique games for various niche markets to drive the industry forward.

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Risse's Nuts Credits

Hanne Kristine Bjorke

Idea, concept

Jan Erik Olausen

Lead Programmer

Kaare Johansen


Knut Johannes Haaland


Ronny Franke



Piotr Radecki


Jan Erik Olause

Music, sound

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