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Misc Games AS
Based in Stavanger, Norway


Release date:

7th, February 2018



Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch



Regular Price:

NOK 195,-


Fishing: Barents Sea is a game/simulator about commercial fishing and available for PC/Steam/PS4/XB1/Nintendo Switch! Experience life as a fishboat captain, starting out with a small boat inherited from your grandfather, earn money doing fishing with longline, net or trawl, buy upgrades, bigger and better fishing boats like trawlers + alot more. Make your grandfather proud!.



We started developing this game in Gamemaker in June 2013, then we transfered the 2D prototype over to Unreal Engine 4 in May 2015. Our game was released 7th of February 2018 on PC, while 13th December 2019 it was also released on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.



  • Explore - Discover a huge open world map over northern Norway, visit real ports and locations. Uncover various fishing locations and secrets.

  • Handcrafted - 14 entirely handcrafted and authentic fishing boats to drive and explore.

  • Atmosphere - Experience the majestic and untouched nature around northernmost town Hammerfest and gateway to Barents Sea, with midnight sun at summer, cold and dark winters with northern lights.

  • Commercial - Fishing Learn about commercial/industrial fishing, using various fishing methods like long-line, net and trawl.

  • Customization - Buy new parts, rig your boat for net fishing, upgrade engine and storage space on your boat.

  • Adventure - Start with the smallest fishing boat inherited from your grandfather, go fishing, earn money and build yourself up to buy a big trawler. Make your grandfather proud!



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Selected Articles

  • "A northern Norwegian fishing adventure"
    - Martin Bergersen, 

  • "Become a fisherman in northern Norway"
    - Inga Ragnhild Holst, 

  • "Players need to care for the habitats"
    - Bengt Lemne,

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About Misc Games AS

Misc Games is a game developer based in Stavanger, Norway. We aims at developing unique games for various niche markets to drive the industry forward.

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